Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Shocked! - One Of These Guys *Lied*

An online marketer/affiliate skimmer just came clean about his professed income and *4-Hour Workweek*. See - I'm Sorry I Lied.

For sure it'd be easy to rip this guy - after all he still has all sorts of *commercial intent* on his website.

But he should probably instead be praised for at least righting his wrong.

I actually just came across him for the first time the other day and via this *apology*. Some of the stuff he does I actually found rather interesting.

HOWEVER the last thing I was going to do was subscribe to his feed, not now....maybe in a year or so. Admire his gumption to come clean so publicly, yes. But he has to at least be put on *time out* for a year or so, no?

As a rule I don't completely believe ANY of these clowns - not even my boy Tim Ferriss. They ALL lie....polish the truth.

It's quite frankly naive to expect earthlings - who've been programmed to lie TO THEMSELVES - to always be completely honest.

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