Friday, January 14, 2011

Distance Breeds.....?

My first wife finally made it to Naples - she rented a car and drove over from Miami today.

I hadn't seen her in 12 full days - the longest stretch I'll bet in the 12.5 years since we started dating!

So it was her first real vacation from me in ages....I'm sure IT was enjoyable.

I believe the space has been very healthy for our marriage. If familiarity breeds contempt then the corollary must hold true, no?

Recall my MIL moved out of the house recently. I am strongly considering *separate bedrooms* for me and my beloved going forward. Everyone who's tried it tells me it's been a blessing to their marriage. As a night owl, I think most importantly it would amp up my productivity a couple notches. I'm doing my best to channel Tim Ferriss here. Don't think for a moment he'd *waste his nighttime* making small talk with a woman over Law & Order...

He most certainly would not!

Nor would Rush Limbaugh.

Of course Rush is well past his first wife...

And Tim Ferriss is still thoroughly single into his mid-30s!

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