Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Banned Levity

So my buddy just sent me a video clip of some dervish weatherman from Charlotte, NC:

I couldn't help be think it jived completely with one of my cogitations from yesterday.

On Sunday, I met a severed, make that a serveranced Boston Globe editor. He was there "for years" but recently "took a buyout". Of course I probed his thoughts and got the stock response, "Nobody reads anymore....Craigslist killed us....blah, blah, blah." None of them think, even after their business goes belly up, that the blame lay with managerial incompetence. I explained to this guy that I would never buy a newspaper because, one, it was unedifying, and two, it was thoroughly boring. (I left out the part about agitprop making my blood boil.)

What, have they completely banned levity from Big Media? I mean who wants to pick up a newspaper everyday and know, with absolute certainty, that they won't so much as giggle for the next hour or so they spend reading it?

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