Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I Am Offended By Your Sensitivity!

So the other day I was out at a social event...okay, it was actually a 3 year old birthday party with no alcohol.

I bump into, let's call her Susie, a local young mother whom I scarcely know.

CaptiousNut - Hi, where's Jim (husband)?

Susie - Oh, he's at the beach, reading a book.

CaptiousNut - [pausing] What's he reading?

Susie - [much longer contemplative pause] Ah, er, um...

CaptiousNut - Fiction or non-fiction?

Susie - [another pause with a faint smile] Ah, er, um...

CaptiousNut - Let me guess, The Devil Wears Prada [I was trying to guess some frivolous chick titles.]

Susie - No. I don't want to offend you.

CaptiousNut - Go ahead, tell me.

Susie - [whispering and blushing] He's reading Liberalism Is A Mental Disease.

How weird was that exchange? I mean seriously, who goes around worried about offending other people?

By the way, I was mortified!

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