Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Misleading Evidence

A month or so ago, my son's grandmother took him to see a movie. It was either his first of second time to the theater. I asked her how he did sitting throughout - as he was only about 3.5 years of age - and my mother said, "he was on the edge of seat the whole time."

Alright, I figured. He's old enough now.

Due to some mitigating circumstances, I ended up taking LittleC-Nut to see the new animated Star Wars movie last night, The Clone Wars. Normally I would NEVER do something like this myself. It's a proven fact that adult brains shrink from watching children's content (even more than from watching our own junk).

I chose an aisle seat for my son so he could see a little better. Right away he went to his "edge of the seat" station. I let him sit there for 15 minutes before advising him to slide back a bit. Eventually I pulled him back and realized why the edge was his preferred seat position.

As he moved back, the darn seat folded him up!

Apparently he doesn't weigh enough yet.

He did enjoy the movie (after being put on my lap). But this goes to demonstrate that although things may be what they seem, the reasons why aren't always so clear.

By the way, Jabba The Hut's uncle is, well, definitely not a heterosexual. How's that for futuristic progressivity? I won't throw any more plot spoilers at y'all.

Altogether, the movie wasn't as bad as I had feared. Though I'd still outsource this one to the grandparents even if their *reports* can't be trusted.

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