Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Women Are More Superficial

On more than one occasion, upon meeting *taller* women, be they married or whatnot, I have asked the ladies if they have a "height requirement".

They always nod their heads.

I express disgust, call them superficial, assert that "men would never be so shallow to rule out a girl on physicalities," then I walk away to punctuate my sarcasm disgust.

Here's an autobiographical tale of woe from a tall college girl who just can't find a suitable guy. She insists they be tall, Jewish, and apparently have no problem with her admitted "beer belly". Her little article has received 851,000 hits so far - probably because she tagged it with "sex".

One of her last sentences was funny:

I am sure I could love someone who is shorter if I tried, but I can’t seem to get myself to give them a second glance (after I look right over the top of their heads when I scan the scene at the bar).

Hmmm. So the little dude has to stare at her "beer belly" and have his view at the bar all night *obstructed*?

This chick reminds me of a lot of the thirtysomething single people I know. They all have *requirements*. For example, my cousin will only date thin women who share his *politics* (i.e. they must share his emotional misunderstanding of reality). Meanwhile, he's getting old (36), become fat himself, and quite frankly there aren't too many more crunchy, liberated, socialists chicks left in Cambridge that he hasn't dated. He used to be the dumper, but now, more often than not, he's the dumpee.

Yeah, as an addled bachelor I had *requirements* too. BUT, at least I was smart enough to grab my fabulous wife at the start of her uptrend, and my downtrend.


Two Dogs said...

an you help me with this?

CaptiousNut said...


Honest to God I tried to read the comment thread 3 times. I could look again if you ask me something more specific. Seems to be a most insipid *discussion*.

Two Dogs said...

What I was asking, "Is this guy saying Obama's tax plan is good?" I cannot tell anything by what little he is saying nor by the graph.

I just noticed the name "Greg Mankiw" in the post and knew that you have an anti-mancrush on the guy. I thought maybe he was saying that Mankiw was a smarty pants and you would go off into a rant. I am a baiter.

Anyhoo, I got into it about Obama's purported plan today with a tree stump that thinks raising taxes on those making 250k is good for the economy. Then I Googled "Obama Tax Plan." That post was number one at the time and it made not one bit of sense to me at all.