Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Child Incarceration

For the past five weeks, starting on our family vacation, my 2 year-old daughter hasn't been sleeping so well. She's been getting up 2, 3, or more times per night.

At first we figured, that it was the vacation house that corrupted her sleep schedule, but then even at home for a few weeks she still hasn't gotten back to normal. What makes it particularly hard is her invariable request for "Dada" when she gets up. I must say, even though I am awake most of the night anyway, this new habit of hers has gotten out of control.

Finally, on Sunday, I got some good advice from a horrible mother at the park. She told me, "turn the doorknob around and lock her in."

So after the second time she *didn't nap* today I went up and switched the knob around. She just spent the last 45 minutes banging on the door. This should work.

However, a couple of things are certain:

1) My son will start locking her in her bedroom.

2) Nana and/or Grandpa (or Mrs. C-Nut) will get locked in her bedroom at least once before Christmas.

Maybe I should leave that screwdriver in the room...

By the way, that wussy kid above is Elian González. He wasn't exactly incarcerated. If you're a young'un or suffer from a poor memory, click his name to read his story.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. My three year old has been having serious bedtime sleep issues for the past couple of months. Coinciding, not coincidentally IMO, with summer vacation. And of course the arrival of a baby sister. The little bugger was up from 8-11 last night screaming his head off in his room. We locked him in too. No fun, but ultimately necessary I think. Here's hoping tonight will better.

Slow out

CaptiousNut said...

First of all, 8-11 is not as bad as 1:30, 2:30, and 3:45am!

Secondly, now that I know I am in league with you, I must reconsider the depths of my parental barbarism.

Anonymous said...

Last night was much better. Some tense negotiations and a willing walk to the bed and we were done. 8:15PM, 15 minutes after the target time. It worked and fortunately I only had to do it once.

Slow out