Saturday, August 16, 2008

Maybe You Are A Loser?

From Parenting magazine's The New Mom at School:

The other moms in my child's class all seem to know each other. I feel like a loser when I hear them talking about scrapbooking parties or potluck dinners. What can I do?

"Just as there are kid cliques, there definitely are mommy cliques," says Michele Borba, author of 12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know. If you really want to crack the group, don't approach the ringleader. "Instead, watch for someone who's friendly and somewhat on the edge," suggests Borba. Chat with her when she's alone or with just one other parent, instead of sidling up to the big group. Then, questions are easy conversation starters: "Is your son joining Cub Scouts?" If she's chilly, try not to take it personally -- as hard as that is. Move on until you find someone you click with, whether she's part of the Cool Mom Club or not.

Sometimes I can't believe the ridiculous cr*p my wife reads.

By the way, speaking of fitting in with the "Cool Mom Club", that French Mom that I offended never showed up again at my daughter's dance class.

Since there's no official scorer, I am going to co-opt the credit.

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