Sunday, January 01, 2012

Can't Go Down

I employed my usual tactic...

I waited until the end of the month and lowballed several still-unrented-for-January places down in Florida.

Of course in these lean times there were some eager responses to my bear market bids.

I had the place above, a 3BR in the heart of Naples in my sights and was just about to pull the trigger today but my wife (and I, sort of) decided against it at the last minute.

Due to her busy work schedule she wouldn't be able to get down there for even a long weekend this month. So she wouldn't see the kids for almost a full month - a prospect that would have depressed the heck out of her.

How much?

That place above was (and still is) available for only $2,500 this month. I'm sure it was sticker-priced at over 4k originally - with a pool and all.

The wife is talking about going down for February instead this year. We'll see how the winter goes. Lot of stuff going on here at the moment...

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