Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Gadgets....WORSE That Color TV!

No $hit!

Of course they are becoming *addicted*. Our whole society (under age 40) is!

And parents have NO CLUE how bad this is - developmentally speaking.

Gadgets deprive earthlings of the all-important ability to entertain themselves.

And they are worse than color TV on account of *portability*.

Last week my jaw dropped and my eyes popped out of my skull as I witnessed a relative put their 2-YEAR OLD into bed with an iPad.

Imagine a 2020 version of Tom Hanks in Cast Away...

He dies on a deserted tropical island, not from starvation or injury....but from torturous *techno gadget withdrawal*. He can't tweet, update his HeadBook status, text, or kill any virtual Angry Birds!

He dies pathetically from flailing a la a mouse in a glue trap. Y'all realize that's how little rats die, right?

To disengage from this dependency, and I know it seems tough, parents might want to borrow from Tony Robbins. They might find it helpful to redefine the mental metaphor. Maybe think that every time they let their kids play video games it's akin to having them drink a glass of vodka or something?


Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice to see adults turn off their cell phones too.
I am struggling to train my wife to turn off the telephone for just a few minutes when we're all together: not at all easy.
It's not unusual to have a bunch of people in a meeting room and see half (or more) engaged in telephone conversations. Turn the bloomin' things off and talk to the guys you came to meet with!

Heather said...

Remember that Star Trek: TNG where the crew got addicted to that little video game headset and it turned out to be a plot for aliens to take over the Enterprise?

Reminds me of this cartoon.

CaptiousNut said...

Thanks H,

That cartoon is awesome!

I would be interested in seeing that Trekie clip. But have no idea where to search on YouTube. (I've never watched the show.)

Heather said...

Here's the TNG episode:


Plenty of youtube clips if you serach "TNG The Game", but none that are particularly good, short, profound summaries.

This actually wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it was prescient.