Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Throwing More On My Full Plate

It's come to my attention, that just one town over, in Queens resides a huge potential market for my skills.

What are my skills?

Teaching math, of course. You see Queens is *all Chinese*, sort of. There are 500,000 Asians living in that borough.

And guess what....while your kids are playing sports on weekends, their kids (all of them!) are taking academic classes.

The other day, which was a Saturday, I met with some people who own a *tutoring center* at 4:30pm. I was amazed to see the place PACKED at that time with students (Asian).

In fact I met with them on Friday too. They are looking for someone to teach AMC Math Exam prep - at least that's what they told me.

Now there's NO ONE better than me at teaching math team stuff.  But I'm not cheap.  I told them $100 an hour, cash, to start out with.  And they agreed, sort of - promising 2 hours at a time.  But it's far from a done deal.

To teach these classes I would lecture the group AND give them homework to do each week. With my experience in this field the job would be *cake*, or course.  Oh yeah, but I'd also have to find someone to watch my kids once in a while. Although my kids can probably sit in on the classes as well.

All this will takeaway from my time working on HomeschoolDad.com and its info-products; and it will take away from the time I spend teaching facilitating my own kids' education.

But this all along was my hedge against website unprofitability - to get established as a high-end, in-person tutor.

I mean I knew the wealthy, highly-populated NY area was teeming with edu-gold....but the more I see, the more I realize how much I've actually underestimated the lode.

So much to do, so little time!

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