Thursday, January 12, 2012

Since NO ONE Actually READS...

I was stunned (sort of) to get an email promoting that this morning.

Local libraries have also stooped to *video game* tournaments and sundry other inane, non-book events.

It's all about staying relevant and useful for local taxpayers, I guess.

And parents LOVE little activities like this....where they can *drop off* and relieve themselves of their children for a bit.

Today I went to the library with my kids to do their math work...

But all the tables were taken so we couldn't sit down.

Of course, there are only THREE TABLES in the entire children's section.

I mean who puts only three tables (4 seaters) at a library?

While I was standing and grumbling I noticed that there was a whole lot more space devoted to the nearly 20 computers!

So we have YouTube and candy competitions - that's what libraries are for now...and don't even get me started on how many people only go to the libraries around here to borrow DVDs that they can plop their kids in front of!

UPDATE - I just came across these:

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