Sunday, January 01, 2012

Better Blogging Chronicles 12 - Facebook

I may be late to the party, but that's immaterial.

I've been researching Facebook as a marketing tool lately - mostly for - and have decided that it can provide some utility to this here blog.

I've set up a Marginalizing Morons Fan Page where I will start posting *supplemental content*.

It'll mostly be short blurbs, knee-slapping pics, and other morsels of my unparalleled sophomoric sense of humor.

In order to see this stuff you'll have to log into Headbook, click on my link above, and then LIKE my fan page.

I believe that once you *like* my page....that my updates should theoretically stream into your Facebook news-feed.  Although I'm hearing from some people that this isn't an automatic by any stretch; that without sufficient *interaction* Facebook's algorithm might not stream updates all the time, or to every fan.  Whatever.  We shall see.

This really is sort of a split-test. If I find that the blog is getting some traction from Headbook....I may strategically alter my posting. Also, there are some rumbles out there that if anything, Headbook will help my *backlinks* (for Google search rankings).

I understand that many of my most loyal readers are actually *haters* and wouldn't dare LIKE my site in full view of their *friends*. For them, reading my site is akin to sneaking a peak at g@y kiddie p0rn!

Believe me....I totally understand. We were out with our new, good friends here on Long Island last night for New Year's...

Somehow they got wind that I had a *blog*.

But despite passionate pleading, neither my wife nor I would divulge the name of it. NO BLEEPIN' WAY!

Even though I've toned down my harshly judgmental, screed-ish posts over the years most Morons are still highly insensitive to ideas that contradict their *firmly held beliefs*.

As Will Durant quipped, "There's nothing more unpopular to say than the truth"!

And, while you're logged into LIKE my HomeschoolDad Fan Page too. Thanks!

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