Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Website Building Chronicles - 5 - Wasting Time?

For the first 15+ years after I graduated from UPenn I spent all my time, and some of my energy, on *trading*. I pretty much did nothing else on the side except blog, golf, read non-fiction, move (6 homes!),....and consume adult beverages.

But now that I'm trying to reinvent myself, and my career as an edu-preneur of some sort I've been drawn into all new intellectual territories, e.g. the fields of marketing, product creation, service, website development, and networking.  Just check out my reading list to see how my focus has evolved over the years from history and pontificators....to entrepreneurs and more practical subjects.

Here's a decent link-fest I just came across that some of you might find interesting:

The Best and Worst Startup Stuff - 2011

Although one item in particular on it caught me in the mid-section/balls:

Worst startup mistake: Having a big burn rate.

Runner-up: Procrastinating by reading (or writing) blogs. Excuse me, I gotta get back to work.

Blogs?  A waste of time?

Perhaps.  There's at least a point of *diminishing returns* to time spent on them - as with just about anything else.

While I continue to trudge ahead with HomeschoolDad.com....in the back of my mind lurks significant doubt that I should even be messing around with incorporating a blog of *free advice*. So that's why the content is thus far mostly light and self-promotional on that website.

But even with still scarce posting it seems like the work keeps piling up...

Because I could probably just create my info-products: videos, lessons, worksheets, etc. and just put them out on ClickBank with a high affiliate commission. That would effectively leave ALL of the pain-in-the-butt *marketing* to others.

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