Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yet Another Homeschool Success Story

3.25 years ago her father wrote to me through this here blog...

He said:

My daughter at age 12 was invited to work in one of the top biotech labs in the UC system by the world-famous scientist who runs it. Two years later, the kid is still there doing advanced experiments on flatworms into the molecular basis of aging. She's applying to university next year at age 15. Just took her SATs 2 months into her 14th yr and scored 780, 790, 800.

She's a smart kid but no more so than lots of other smart kids I see around. The difference: she wasn't held back by the pedagogical hacks that run those wretched hoosegows called "schools."
Today I emailed him and asked him for an update - which you just watched in the form of that video.

Only a Moron would be surprised!

I have to credit her father, John, for giving me the expression *educated outside the system*.

I use it as often as I can in lieu of the misnomer *homeschooling*. (We're never at home....and we certainly don't do school!)

I mentioned this Peter Thiel before, see - The Brightest Bulbs Skipping College.

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