Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Young Guys Sticking Together

I'm dropping my 7.12 year old son off at CCD (Church school) yesterday...

And the 'old coot' parking lot attendant (yes, traffic is INSANE - they need one/two) asked me,

"Hey, wait a're not his father are you?"

CaptiousNut - No. He's my little brother.

Of course then my son ruined it.

On my way out the guy accosted me again because he just couldn't believe that someone who looked like me was a father to a 7 year old.

Was he blind, dumb, and old? Perhaps.

Anyways this morning I had to have a talk with my son.

I told him that from now on....actually I ORDERED him, from now on to say that I was indeed his brother should that situation arise again.

And I told him that if the person asking is a female and he plays his part well....that I would take him out for an ice cream sundae.

When his sister got up this morning he ran over and eagerly announced, "Dad is now my brother!"

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