Thursday, January 05, 2012

National Debt Analogy

What else can one say?

Okay, now let's go back to arguing over *gay marriage*, green jobs, torture, and all that MORE IMPORTANT stuff...


Heather said...

My sister posted this yesterday. It's the same basic info, but has a funny (not so much) twist at the end....

Heather said...

The link didn't work for me... let's try it the old fashioned way:

Anonymous said...


I am at my wits end with my so called conservative father. He understands the fiscal train treck this country is in yet refuses to back Ron Paul because of the "foreign policy" issue. This is guy who has fox news on 12 hrs a day.

He didn't watch the debate last night but has the stones to tell my brother that Ron Paul lost points with him because he accussed Getrich of dodging the draft when he was not eligible for the draft. Dad got the full run down on Newt's record from the NeoCon network of why he didn't serve in the military during the Vietnam era. Maybe Newt wasn't eligible for the draft but the 3,4,or 5 deferments he chose to take tells me he has no biz sitting on that high horse telling this nation why we need to be sending our sons and daughters into another quagmire.

This country deserves everything that has coming to it. I just can't believe normally rationale and sensible people falling for the same garbage that was just fed to us as fact back in 2003 by the same govt revenuers and the minions in the media.

Hook Line and Sinker.


CaptiousNut said...


'Old coots' don't change their minds....their minds simply ossify.

When I was a pubescent, a mere mental midget I declared that, "being old" was synonymous with "being set in one's ways".

I'm at my wits end with my parents - you should see how they *organize* their kitchen!

Ron Paul may be a little nuts....but the rest are extra-dumb.

No one who watches color TV all day can possibly be on top of reality, right?