Monday, January 16, 2012

Libertarian Party - Winning Debates, Losing Elections

When I first learned about small-l libertarianism....I was struck and overwhelmed by its foundation in pure logic AND its support by empirical, i.e. REAL WORLD, economics.

And right away I was left wondering why such a perspicacious political philosophy had no traction.

Of course that's a deeper question with many explanations.

But ONE biggie, IMO, is *poor marketing*.

I mean look at that *platform* by the big-L Libertarian Party above.

The wars, the Fed, domestic spying, and legalizing drugs???

Those are hardly the BIG ISSUES; they hardly address the most pressing needs and most marketable agenda for a nation being strangled by Big Government.

My libertarian platform would be:

END Government Schools
END Organized Political Parties
HALVE Government
HALVE/END Entitlements
HALVE/END The Income Tax

Now I know someone is going to say, "libertarianism isn't appealing for no other reason than because people in America are Morons..."

But I've aggressively addressed that in MY PLATFORM. See the first item!

The big-L Libertarians have to understand that so long as future voters/citizens are having their brains caponized in the school system....that it won't matter if the CIA stops spying on American soil or if you can buy marijuana in at your local bodega. This country would be doomed to implode nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

Yep, bad marketing is a big part of it.
Maybe they (Libertarians) really just want to spend their lives braying at the margins anyway?

Seque #1: Misdirection, er marketing, is a common theme in politics. In CA the state govt has decreed the historical contributions of LGBT persons shall be taught in the schools because ... we all know that's way more important than balancing the state budget, or doing something about the horrible business climate, or ...
Curious: How much latitude do you have in your home schooling when junk like this is enacted?

Seque #2: nice verb: caponize! I'll have to use that one some more if you don't mind.

CaptiousNut said...

As of now we have plenty of latitude in the specifics of what we teach. Have to take some bogus tests every few years, starting in the 4th grade, and really only have to score above the 25th percentile or something. They do tell us, broadly, what subjects we should cover.

And I just say *covered* on my paperwork. Whatever.

I believe the gay agenda is pushed only because it's been calculated to be a winner for exciting the base. It's a winner because it's divisive and distracting. By that I mean it arouses the Christians and hence the pagan socialists in response....and succeeds in putting the budget and whatnot on the back-burner.

Caponize - I appreciate your appreciation for my diction!

I'm pretty sure gays care about taxes and government waste too.