Sunday, May 20, 2012

Breaking Out, Finally?

After holding out for a high price and precisely the work I seems that I've finally landed some work teaching math here on Long Island.

Instead of poor-performing rich kids, I'm getting hard-working, ambitious Asians!

It's a summer enrichment program on *competitive math*, the stuff I used to dominate some 20+ years ago.

I'm pretty excited, as is my wife who's presently figuring out how many more weekly hours of work I'd need for her to be able to quit her inhumane Wall Street job!

And let me tell you....these kids are pretty darn smart. At an open house for this *school* yesterday I already met a few who had 800s on their math SATs. They were 13-14 years old.

I also have a potential opportunity brewing at another place nearby, one closer to Queens, and a WHOLE LOT MORE ASIAN KIDS.

I'm extremely confident that I can quickly build up a reputation as THE go-to math instructor around here. And with that would come steep *rate increases* and even the possibility to open up my own shop.

Furthermore, I will be creating my own math curricula for all this teaching that I will then re-package and sell as an info-product via HomeschoolDad. Passive income!

Career re-invention is never easy and definitely takes some time. But this was my plan all along, to set up a tutoring business here in the ultra-wealthy NYC suburbs. Although originally I thought and said that it would be a hedge against not being able to make money with my website. Now it seems they can complement each other nicely.

New York City may be a tough place to live....but it's also a fount of opportunity for hard-working, competent Earthlings.

And this is precisely why we moved here 2 years ago.


Anonymous said...

There is a thriving business in tutoring here in [SF Bay area] CA too. Almost all asian kids too, many of whom do not really need the help.
But their parents pay anyway!
Good to know if I ever lose my job I can fall back on teaching this stuff.

Of course, the local public schools want no part of me (mechanical engineer with many years experience).
They want no part of my neighbor (retired, PhD in physics) either.

Can't help wondering when this public ed bubble will break. Not soon I hope: may need the money for awhile yet.

CaptiousNut said...

All the top Asians here are worried that they won't get into MIT, Harvard, etc.

The thing is, Asian math whizzes are a dime a dozen.

Only if your resume/application really stands out can you hope to get into those colleges.

And if you spend every hour of free time in's almost impossible to look substantially different.

Yes, these Asians can't get enough math. The parents LOVE me already. They value math as Cauc-Asians value organized team sports.

In other words they are both wrong.