Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elizabeth Warren....Really Is Red!

Now I have to admit I HAD NO IDEA who this woman is until the other day. And even up to this morning I had mistakenly thought she was an Obama appointee or something rather than a Massachusetts (my birthplace!) candidate for Senate.

Whatever. Y'all should strive for my advanced level of selective ignorance!

Her argument can be made, of course, ad infinitum. Agitators like can her always demand that *the rich* continue to pay more in taxes because they allegedly made their money on the back of government services....right down to the point where they have to hand-over EVERY SINGLE, RAPIDLY-DEPRECIATING DOLLAR THEY EARN.

Some dude posted a very insightful response to her Commi sophistry - here.

One of his key points is that there is a large distinction between giving someone a benefit that they ask for....and forcing someone to accept benefits and then labeling them *perpetually indebted*.

Now go back to whatever productive endeavor you were engaged in and forget all about this contemporary irrelevance.

Thanks to the Ukrainian Fop for this link!


Anonymous said...

Hey did you see this ?"

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CaptiousNut said...

No I didn't. Thanks!