Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dumber And Dumb

It was most probably Moronic to get out of the car and *confront*...

And it was also rather stupid to *not report* the incident. At least the logic - if you can call it that - behind the decision was.

The thing is, the racial/political/economic divisions have been MANUFACTURED to a large extent. People on both sides of the split don't really know whom to get angry at or what can be done.

I say, for starters, end all entitlements and start deporting people! Then we can move on to liberating the economy, shrinking the government, etc.

I really do need to buy a gun for post-apocalyptic America.

Any suggestions? My wife has been nagging me to get one.

I don't think I'd *carry* though...


Sam said...

For defending the home, the pump shotgun is king. It is forgiving of jittery nervousness and misjudgements in aim. And there's nothing more disconcerting to a miscreant than the cha-chuck sound of a round being chambered.

Avoid cheaply made semi-autos and stick with a simple pump action. There is a reason the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 are popular, they work very well and they are nearly idiot proof. No gas system to worry about or recoil systems to wear out, simply rack the slide and fire. Misfire? Rack the action and try again.

Home defense is the place where the K.I.S.S. principle should be followed like a religion......Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Anonymous said...

The miscreants in this likely have firm claims to US citizenship via birth here to parents with similar strong claims.
On what basis could they be deported (desirable as that may be)?

As for entitlements you're on to something there. In my youth (1970's) people asked to be paid in cash to avoid income taxes. Now they want cash so as to not be disqualified from the various govt benefits they are receiving. (Housing, utilities, food, educational assistance, ....)
There is a thriving underground economy and it is in large part pro bono what our govt politely describes as "poor" people.

Re: firearms for protection
Please, whatever your choice of weapon, get some training in safe handling and use from a reputable source. You won't be sorry.

Kevin said...

I was surfing the web a month or so ago and came across a series of articles called Emily Gets Her Gun. The articles offer plenty of practical advice on buying a hand gun for someone with no background with guns; speed read though the DC stuff. (Go to a shooting range(s) and shoot many different models and purchase the model that produces the most accurate results and is comfortable in your hand)

From time to time it is common to hear reports of kids getting a hold of their parent’s gun when they are alone in the house with their friends and the story ends in tragedy and or death. One thing you never hear is the kid of a law enforcement officer or military guy/gal being a part of one of these tragedies they must do something different than the average Joe.

You should make your wife participate in your gun purchase, shooting and safety process. She should be able to handle & shoot the gun accurately. Chances are if something happens and you are away she will head for the gun to protect the kids. If you ended up purchasing a Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry special it won’t do any good if it proves to be too much gun for her and could end up being used against her.

Anonymous said...

Get the 9mm semi. Its cheap. the ammo is cheap although get some hollow points and put the 1st 3 bullets in the clip with the rest just target shot. Then spend another 70 bucks for a small gun safe with a quick pin combination. The glock 17 will do but dont be afraid to find a used one for around $300-400.

I like the pump 12 gauge but to be responsible, you have to buy a bigger safe (more money) or trigger lock and that really slows down the response time.

On another note, when is it a good time to start dumping Apple stock????..........
When Fidelity's largest position across their funds is Apple.

Anonymous said...

general home defense and post apocalyptic are two different things. Home defense 12 gauge pump. Post apocalyptic ak-47 or gas piston AR

Anonymous said...


Absolutely. 12 gauge is hard to argue with.


Gotta fill you in on some interesting NH news.

Daniel Hebert is the father of one my old college roommates. Here is a guy who has run the family business for 40 some odd years, had a pretty penny saved and was nearing retirement. Decided to stick his neck out to save this resort which has been losing money for years. They got the resort for cheap money, the standing timber alone is worth 3 times more than the purchase price of the property. They are building a new power plant and will completely gut and renovate the insides of the place. Creating 100's of new jobs in an economically depressed area of the state, and some #$#$ing bureacrats decide to shit on the entire project potentially jeopardizing the financing and delaying construction in an already short building season.

Long story short, the govt uses a small portion of property to use it as a landfill. Then thru corporatism allows the former owner to dump industrial waste on the property. Then bull doze it over instead of cleaning it up. Then when an entire new party comes in offering money and expertise to return the resort to its former glory, the bureacrats claim they want to protect the town's interests by delaying the project.

CaptiousNut said...

Hey Kfell,

Eff those pols. It seems like everything that goes on in towns and municipalities is dirty. Have to know the right people.

As for the gun...

I was thinking more handgun just because it could be concealed, reloaded quickly, and better for *forward operations*.

The shotgun is a little too dramatic for me. I did shoot one back when I was 15 - my only day on a shooting range. I shot several guns that day. I reckon the .357's power scared me at the time.

I should probably go to a shooting range where I can talk to someone and try out different guns. I'm SURE that guns are more expensive here in NY - everything else is.

Thanks everyone.

Oh boy. I just found this,

"In the state of New York, the waiting period to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun can be up to six months. Permits are issued by county."