Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heaping Burning Coals On The Angry

Don't let the funny pic throw your off....this a post about something I usually steer away from on this here blog, *politics*.

But LeagueIslander just sent me this article - The Power of Cool - which eloquently captures the hypocrisy of our pagan-socialist elite.

If you were already *angry*, that article isn't going to calm you down....I don't think.


Justin Time said...

This article lost me as soon as it lumped John Kerry into the 'cool' category. Windsurfing doesn't make him cool--it merely exposes him as a phoney and a poser. The author didn't really buy in to this blatent PR photo opp, did he?

As far as I know, everyone is fully aware that Joe Biden is just as moronic as Sarah Palin.

And as for the Wall Street, if the author can't comprehend the difference in value between a visionary like Steve Jobs and some worthless, shady trader running a crooked skim operation, then he is a lost cause.

I give this article a zero out of ten.

CaptiousNut said...

I thought John Kerry was a sub-par example too.

But I esteem the rest of the article a lot higher than you do, obviously.

I just don't believe iPods and premium priced computers are nearly as critical to the economy as say "oil". And I think that's precisely his point.