Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Son, Playing Chess

Just now my son was white and doing okay with an aggressive opening....until his queen got fatally pinned in the 12th move.

He was losing on points 15 to 6 but still managed an amazing victory.

I was trying to help him, but after the 19th move he shushed me....AND declared that he was going to sacrifice his rook and win.

Click the forward arrow, repeatedly, to watch the game:

I was blown away, as was Black no doubt!

John is only 7.49 year old - which oftentimes can be very easy to forget.

(The aggressive, suicide-looking opening was a variation of Muzio's Gambit.)


Placebo said...

Thanks for posting. I feel sorry for black. He got devoured.

CaptiousNut said...

Sometimes people talk smack during the games (there's a chat window)....and my son tells them "I'm only 7."

But they never believe him, of course.

Diede School said...

Bonding over chess is one of the best father and son activities! Not only is this game enjoyable, but it’ll also help your son develop a sharp memory, faster thinking, and most of all, self-confidence. I’m very happy that you got your son interested in chess. I think all fathers should teach their kids chess too, aside from teaching them how to ride a bike.