Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dumbing Down The Web

With all these airheads going ga-ga over Pinterest now it just dawned on me that the internet has been in steady decline for some time now.

First, you had to code your own page if you wanted a website...

Then Geocities came about offering template websites.

Next blogs took over. The public was starving for something to READ that didn't come from the Big Media monopoly...

But then the masses opted for the puerile *Likes* and *status updates* of Facebook instead of feisty comment threads and posting well-thought-out blog comments.

Now we've fallen even further. Pinterest is nothing more than a cheesy magazine, full of glossy images for the illiterate and aliterate Morons among us.

Essentially, the web is becoming the new *idiot box*, a haven for the brain-dead.

Did y'all know that something like 80% of all web traffic after 5pm is *streaming video*???

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