Monday, May 07, 2012

Time Robbers

While it wasn't that bad....I've been busy cleaning up a watery mess in the basement.  Note that all our computers are down there!  This is going to end up costing me a few days of productivity and chi though...

Also, I mentioned that I was experimenting with outsourcing some math-workbook creation and whatnot to Asia for $3 an hour....well, it hasn't been going that great either.

I've pretty much spent more time and energy trying to get it done cheaply than it would have taken to freakin' do myself!

Then I fired some dude today and at the last minute he *logged hours* to stiff me with a bill!

There's definitely an art/science to outsourcing online....while I haven't quite figured it out yet, I've at least learned some valuable lessons.  I'll tell the stories in subsequent posts.

Other developments include another tee time later this week at Bethpage Black!

And the Asians are after me again.  Another *enrichment academy* on Long Island is trying to hire me to teach competitive math (at their summer school).  The other place....well, they promised me all sorts of work but never delivered.  (I think they had a customer problem, but I could be wrong, I may have just been too expensive for them.)

BTW....y'all might notice that my blog looks a little different.  That was an accident!  I was trying to show my SIL how to set up a blog and configure it....anyways, I modified my template and couldn't restore!

My *time*....come and steal some, everyone else is!

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