Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm A Deadly Shot!

My son joined a homeschool archery league a couple months ago.  With his fees one parent was entitled to a lesson and shooting session.  So today I was up...

Yeah, and it was my FIRST TIME ever shooting a bow and arrow!

It's just like golf: take a deep breath, sight the target, use big muscles, posture(!), smooth release, have a   repeatable ritual, etc.

Archery is definitely a *cool* hobby.  If I wasn't so overloaded right now I'd be tempted to start getting into it.

We go to an indoor range near the middle of *The Island*.  What an operation they got there!  Who knew that archery was a money-maker.  It's usually $15 to *shoot all day*.  But there are hordes of enthusiasts that spend a ton of time and $$$ there.  Why?   Well, apparently it's illegal to shoot a bow and arrow in your backyard - at least in New York.

There's probably a little boom in the archery biz right now on account of The Hunger Games too.

(See none of y'all can do math....the shooting distance was an impressive 4,572mm.)


Paul Mitchell said...

I have a tendency to jerk more at those short ranges.

I once shot a squirrel running on the ground at forty yards.

CaptiousNut said...

So you're an archer, too?

That's what the guy said to me, that my arrows weren't straight because I wasn't releasing smoothly.

One dude down the range split an arrow. I thought that good archers could do it when they wanted but was told that it was pretty rare. Seems like *eagles* for golfers in that sense. They hung it up on a gallery on the wall.

I hear all these libertarian survivalists on the web talking about subsisting on squirrel meat when the apocalypse hits.

So how did it taste?