Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Big Government = Force

This little recorded act of Big Government fascism is making the rounds:

I must say that if this were my house I too would probably *overreact*.

And I was surprised to see most of the highest rated comments from the news story were against the family.

I guess they'd rather the kids were inside watching color TV, playing video games, or something else sedentary???

Note that if that woman worked for a corporation in any industry other than Big Media(!) and got caught lying like that on a YouTube-disseminated video she would be summarily fired.

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Anne Galivan said...

This is disturbing.

In reference to the comments on the article (which I'm going to go read in a minute) it is AMAZING how people love their big government. AMAZING.

Talk radio did cover this story along with the story of the two Girl Scouts who were told they couldn't sell Girl Scout cookies in front of their house anymore.

Seriously people, this is the kind of country you want to live in?

I could say so much more but I'll just stop there!