Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brownshirts In Drag

Is there a bigger bunch of Bozo's than the Morons at Harvard's Graduate School of Education?

I mean I'm sitting here on a Saturday scouring homeschooling websites, researching geometry curruicula, trying to figure out the best/cheapest online music making software, and working on my new website

And I click on over to that article and read about how all these vaunted Harvard educators (5th year doctoral students!) are arguing furiously over garbage like *diversity*, *community organization*, and *tenure*.

The contrast between what I'm doing and what these *planners* are all geeked up about couldn't be more stunning.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy all of the blather about "diversity".
When I ask questions (sic) how do Japan, China, Germany, et al manage to do so well without "diversity" all I get is some mealy-mouthed answer such as "Japan has a very different culture from ours."
Yeah, well, duh!

CaptiousNut said...


But don't throw Germany in there as a model non-diverse country!

(The Hitler retort...)

They say it all the time *diversity made this country great...*

But it most certainly did not.

Economic freedom built the USA. It was this very opportunity that attracted and continues to attract hypomanic people from many different places.