Thursday, April 07, 2011

Quit Drinking

Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) orders a Coke Classic at a strip joint in Beverly Hills Cop 2...

The bartender demands, "SEVEN DOLLARS" and Eddie spits the drink out, protesting, "SEVEN DOLLARS? I CAN GET BLOWN FOR SEVEN DOLLARS!!!"

While it's not that bad yet, the other day some fast food place charged me $3 for a fountain soda.

Guess what...I'm not that thirsty. That's ridiculous considering the drink costs them probably less than a dime.

All businesses today are hurting and looking to soak their best customers. So be on your guard. ATM fees have gone from $2 to $3 in my area. Annual fees for my credit card have finally been made *non-negotiable*. I also got hit with a $1,300 ambulance bill recently - and it's only a 3 mile drive!

I now keep a case of water bottles in the car along with juice boxes for the kids. And if we go out for a quick lunch we'll maybe share a single lemonade or something.

I can certainly afford to buy drinks at these struggling restaurants - and I will selfishly spend $7 per beer in Manhattan....but there's just something off-putting about these egregious profit grabs.

Not for nothin' but these restaurants are doomed in this high oil/high commodity price environment.


Anonymous said...

Those soft drinks have always been high margin items for restaurants.
Some of the places around here take a bit of the sting out by offering no charge refills and/or extra large containers.
If you're not that thirsty: just pass.
Still, with our redoubtable Fed printing money wildly I think these little push backs we do amount to an extremely modest rear guard action. Inflation has been with us for awhile now even if the govt won't admit it and more is coming.

CaptiousNut said...

Of course my *rear guard action* is statistically insignificant.

But I save big money on other stuff like homeownership, student loans, fancy cars, clothing, etc.

The world/government is most certainly going to end on account of the runaway printing press.