Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Socialized Medicine - Fait Accompli

The idea that Obamacare would represent the *advent* of socialized medicine is ridiculous.

Not only do we already suffer from rationing and thoroughly distorted medical economics from government interference....the very nature of politically-sanctioned and tax-advantaged HMOs has successfully vaccinated our entire healthcare sickcare system from commonsense and fiscal sanity.

My first wife, who can't really micromanage or surveil her large and far-flung staff, always says that when she has a hunch that an employee is incompetent in one department....that in the end she always discovers that they were doing a hundred other tasks poorly. In other words, if you think someone is bad they are usually a whole lot worse!

The same goes for the healthcare imbroglio. Like most people (except apologetic swine flu enthusiast doctors!) I have a clue that the system is corrupt in terms of Big Pharma's influence, out-of-control tort extortion, and the inherent problem of *third party payers*.

But last night I read a post on Mish's website - Conversation With A Surgeon... - and I couldn't help but thinking about my wife's insight into her poor performers.

Click that link - it's a terrific albeit depressing post.

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