Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Ultra-Wealthy Tutoring Market

Hah! Math 800?

I snapped that pic at my local government library not too long ago.

Me? No I got a 790 on my Math SAT some 20 years ago. Please don't ask me how I was demerited a measly 10 points; I recall finishing the sections in about 11 minutes apiece. Usually *one wrong* would bump a Moron down to 780 or 770. So I must not have darkened in a circle enough (unlikely) or the machine malfunctioned in reading my answers (likely). Whatever - I did score 800 on the Math Level 2 exam, I did win the high scoring honors for my regional team at ARML(twice), and I did grab a few other chest-enhancing accolades.  And now I'm here boasting pathetically like Biff Loman about his glory days on the HS football field!

I wonder if that car belongs to a particular sky-high-priced SAT tutor guy in town.

Let me ask y'all a question...what do you think is an outrageous hourly rate for a math or SAT tutor?

I would say $150 or perhaps $200 per hour.

But get a load of this guy's rates:

Man, I have to get in on that racket!

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