Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Maggot Food

A sticky chair?

The unnamed 43-year-old man's roommates called police who found him unconscious.

He was taken to Wheeling Hospital in nearby West Virginia, where he later died.

A hospital spokesman would not comment on the man's death.

The man lived with two able-bodied roommates -- including his girlfriend, who officials said fed him since he never got up -- in a home in Bellaire, Ohio.

The roommates called police upon finding the man unresponsive on Sunday.

Officers who responded to the scene said that the man's skin was fused to the fabric of chair and that he was sitting in his own feces and urine with maggots visible, WTRF-TV reported earlier.

One officer said it was the worst thing he had ever responded to. Another told the local TV station he had to throw away his uniform after helping remove the man from the chair.

I know a medical professional/quack/swine flu enthusiast who told me he once had to examine a morbidly obese woman in the ER.

He said that buried in the folds of her arm were Oreos.

She giggled, "Me and my boyfriend like to play games hiding food..."

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