Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Old Coots' Enslaving Their Grandchildren

Alright, watch the first two minutes of this:

Ms. Palin - A pension is a promise that must be kept...

A pension is a *promise*?

That's a bull$hit metaphor if I ever heard one.

Alright it was a promise in the sense that our lazy ancestors voted for politicians who PROMISED to steal their retirement funds from the next working generation...

If I was giving such a speech to a hypothetical, enlightened, younger crowd I'd be bellowing, "A pension is a CONFISCATION..."

The 'old coots' and 'old bags' that effectively run the government are of course over-simplifying the argument.

Just because they paid-in....that doesn't mean they didn't do a whole slew of other negative things (e.g. elect corrupt, wasteful pols) to cancel out, if I can channel Colonel Jessup, "...what they think they are ENTITLED TO."

They built this country?

Oh really?

Did they ever work past 6pm? Did they work weekends?

Did any of these 'old coots' ever have to jet all over the globe to earn their paycheck?

Were any of them permanently tethered to the grind via Blackberry?

The notion that they even worked hard is sketchy at best.

And whatever it was they did build - the 'worst generation' - well they're doing a heck of demo job on it now with their self-serving politics.

So the bleep what if Grandma took you to McDonalds...

She and her 'old coot' jabronis plan on confiscating half of your lifetime wages!

Realize that pension-pandering is hardly the sin of just one organized political party. And it's only going to get worse from here on.

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