Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Rare Good Motion Picture For The Kids?

From a critic:

It's rare to find a teen-geared film that doesn't rely on crudity or titillation in order to entertain. What's more, there are positive messages about family and faith, two ingredients often left out of movies aimed at a young demographic. With their fully realized portrayals, AnnaSophia Robb and Dennis Quaid bring honor to Bethany and her father. Director Sean McNamara has used CGI with standout results, using effects to aid the story, not become it. And on top of that, this film will undoubtedly begin a dialogue between believers and those who don't understand what people like Bethany Hamilton have found, despite what they've lost.
No doubt many of y'all already saw the ads for this flick.

But I had to read about it online since I don't really watch color TV - AND, if I do, there's no way I'm going to break my string of 10+ years of skipping commercials via the DVR.

In fact we still don't have a TV in the house outside of the Zenith in our old bedroom which is now the guest room. No TV in the living room or in any other common rooms - a terrific tactic to keep away loafing houseguests! I'm trying to wean the family entirely off the idiot box and I've almost succeeded. The only junk that gets watched is really my sports (golf and basketball). But my wife keeps nagging me, hard actually, to buy a flat screen and hang it in our bedroom so she can watch 7 minutes of Desperate Housewives or some other crap before conking out. I've fought her as long as I could but she's getting pissed at me now and I may have to surrender. I've basically proved to her that she doesn't need one and that it can dangerously keep one if not both of us up later than we should be. But, a typical stubborn first wife....she doesn't care.

Last week I saw forty-something inch flat screens at Target for less than $350. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking I may need to get an idiot box that can stream Netflix or something. I really have no idea what's out there spec-wise or what I should buy. At least I waited long enough for the prices to crash - now I can buy 2-3 idiot boxes for what some Morons paid for a single one not long ago.


Anonymous said...

Nowhere in this post(except maybe the video) is the title of the film mentioned. Also, the blog post's title seems misleading since the bulk of the article is more about shopping for a television.

CaptiousNut said...


And where's your color TV rec for me???