Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Anti-School, Pro-Education Movie

Well it's not out yet, but here's the *trailer*:

Although I won't give it my endorsement if it comes off as overly *make nice*.

Far too many parents who educate their own qualify their shtick with *well, school is great for some families*, etc.

They justify it too with, "Well I don't want to turn people off....I want to stay POSITIVE...."

Okay here's the problem with that.

Homeschoolers who refuse to take a hard, critical look at the shortcomings and *externalities* of age-graded, bureaucrat-taught, government schools are prone to make many of the same mistakes. At least they are in my admittedly limited experience.

What mistakes?

How about an antiquated focus on handwriting; taking the summers off; insulating kids from work and the important realities of economics; or trying to keep up with say the ridiculously low standards/expectations that exist in conventional schools. NEWSFLASH - if your child is homeschooled and only does math and reading *at grade level*....then you probably aren't pushing them hard enough.

You know what, I take that back.

I push math hard for many reasons; it's just happens to be my thang.

Kids on *individualized, parent-led* education programs certainly don't have to be advanced in math or reading....but they ought to turn out super-advanced in at least something - piano, computer programming, athletics, charity, cow-milking, or whatever.

A homeschooling parent who compliments the school system....well that's like a public school-advocating politician who sends their OWN CHILDREN to fancy private schools (Sidwell Friends!).

Of course these lying SOBs always say it's purely for *security reasons*...


Anonymous said...

I'd disagree with the handwriting. Writing by hand forces you to organize your thoughts much more before the pen hits the paper to make it coherent unless you want a lot of scribble outs.

CaptiousNut said...

I couldn't disagree with your disagreement more!

I'm sure not long ago many 'aging coots' thought that every young man ought to know how to saddle a horse and milk a cow...

Times change.

Our brains move faster than we can write. So in many respects handwriting retards thinking.

Let me say that I do very much think that *composition* is an important skill/activity. But using a QWERTY keyboard is fine with me.