Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Job Interview?

Today I'm actually meeting with/interviewing for some part-time work at a *high end* tutoring company.

Incredibly, they advertise rates from $195 to $795 PER 50 MINUTE SESSION.

So we'll see how this goes. Of course anything can happen in a job interview. In the distant past I've really annoyed/pissed off/offended/unimpressed some of these gatekeepers. Whatever.

I don't need to tutor through an agency. And I'm quite sure I can break into this ultra-rich market on my own eventually.

But it would be nice to be handed some easy, lucrative work right now.

Hey, if anyone on planet Earth is worth those rates it most certainly is me!

In fact I sent them the videos of my kids doing math and that's probably what landed me the interview and résumé request in the first place. Now it's just up to me to fail in person...

I would think this type of operation - in contradistinction to other firms over the years that DID NOT hire me - is actually very interested in pure teaching competence.

Because they want good tutors who are going to be demanded, repeatedly, by their clients. It's a referral business after all. They will charge the client $200+ an hour and only pay the tutor X-per hour. Maybe today we'll discover how high $X is - starting out anyway?

The certain downside of an operation like this is the dreaded 1099 tax form...

The uncertain downside is that probably the best clients ($500+ an hour) are hoarded by upper management - like in every other business.

Again, whatever. This is a no-risk proposition for me.


DA said...


Off topic. Do you seriously contract with high-end sperm banks and make deposits for a fee?

CaptiousNut said...


Exactly how long have you been pondering that revenue stream?

DA said...

Ever since your first post about it!!

Just not certain whether you're yanking our chains ...

Your gullible Nebraska homie,


CaptiousNut said...

Definitely some *yanking* going on...

DA said...

We attorneys pound the gavel regularly.