Friday, October 07, 2011

Golf - Chinese Domination

Alright it wasn't that cold this morning....but it certainly felt like it!

I had four layers on and a winter hat when I teed off at Eisenhower Red - a muni nearby that's pretty good (hosted Seniors' event for several years) and pretty cheap (only $36 for county residents!).

I think it was in the high 40s this morning.

Anyways I had to *work* for this round.

Wide awake at 2:50am, and with my wife working from home I figured I could probably play today.

I left my house at 4:00am and was in line at precisely 4:22am. Note there were actually 6 people/chairs already ahead of me.

Luckily the guy who was first only had a threesome and I was the first single so I leap-frogged the 20 guys represented by the other 5 *chairs*.

It is allowed - to throw a chair down and go sleep or whatever in your car. You don't have to stand there until the clubhouse doors open. I myself went back in the Tahoe, turned the seat heater and lights on, and read 100+ pages of my book while the 'old coots' had their mid-morning naps.

How'd I play? Well despite a triple on 15, four short birdie putts missed, and bogeys on 17 an 18 I carded an 80 or so. That wasn't bad at all for me on recently aerated greens and on a saturated course that I was unfamiliar with. I've been excited by a tip I got from that guy who's peddling his expertise all over the internet these days - C.J. Goecks. He asserts that golfers SHOULD NOT hold the club in the fingertips of the right hand - which I was definitely doing for the past 18 years or so.

On the 10th hole, for our first verbal communication of the morning I asked the guy how early he got in line:

ChineseDude - I number one. (finger gesture too)

CaptiousNut - I know. But what time did you get in line?

ChineseDude - I number one everyday.

CaptiousNut - How early do you have to get here to be NUMBER ONE?

ChineseDude - I get there 2:30...

CaptiousNut - You get there at 2:30 every Friday?

ChineseDude - I number one EVERY DAY....Monday through Friday.

ChineseDude - I number one EVERY DAY....for last four years!

Did all y'all round eyes catch that?

This Chinese golfing wacko sleeps in his car, in a parking lot, five days a week so that he can get the first tee time at Eisenhower Golf Course!

I actually don't think it's that crazy. I mean he's playing a terrific course, for next to nothing, and he's probably home by 10am in the summer. Us non-sleepers understand each other.

Without a doubt though, his wife by now sleeps *in the middle of the bed*.

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