Friday, October 21, 2011

Jammed In The Keyster

My wife called a locksmith to install a deadbolt today.

The guy charged her $400!!!

I am not happy at all - to put it mildly.

Every tradesman charges women more, especially in New York.

Of course she's supposed to consult her husband...

What do y'all think a deadbolt should cost???

I'm thinking $150, max - and that's assuming he gave us a decent lock. ("MaxTech"?)


DA said...

Sounds like a pretty simple DIY'er. I would have expected an optic reader or fingerprint recognition for 400 bucks. But I live in the middle of nowhere ...

paul mitchell said...

Maxtech is not available down here, so I cannot answer to that. made in China and they look very, very dated to me. However, the bolt looks pretty solid on the ones that I saw.

It should have taken about 30 minutes to install, so figure that labor and travel charge. A great deadbolt costs about 100 bucks here.

Justin Time said...

Since the the housing bubble, pricing of any housing related service seem to have gone the way of wedding related services.

I was quoted 3 grand to paint 120 feet of wood trim. I was quoted 1500 bucks for 24 feet of aluminum gutter. I was quotes 26 grand for a 200sf basement room.

All 3 guys wasted their time putting together these rediculously unrealistic quotes.

So, yeah, it's obscenely overpriced, but that seems par for the course these days.

For 400 bucks, you could've bought all the parts and the tools necessary for the job and still saved money.

Anonymous said...

You got f'ed

CaptiousNut said...

f'ed is right.

What makes me so upset is that the guy robbed me in my own house!

Going to call up tomorrow and ask for/demand $100 back.

If he tells me off, I will 1099 him for $1,000.

Guy made my wife pay in cash too. So with no taxes it's like he charged her $600-$700 effectively!

Anonymous said...

Surprised a smart person would authorize work without an agreed upon price or, absent that, pay such an outrageous demand. Also surprised you have that kinda cash on hand.

CaptiousNut said...

Wife sneaked by me out to the ATM!

But normally I have that much in each pocket...