Saturday, October 08, 2011

Go Watch Color TV, You Brat!

Without being any more descriptive....let's just say *someone* my wife and I know recently complained that they, "Can't f*ckin' stand it" when their toddler grabs a book and asks them to read a story.

Bad parent, right?

Well, incredibly this one is/was also an elementary school teacher for several years. So just imagine if she hates reading to HER OWN CHILD,....imagine how much she cares about the education of her students!

Also, ironically this *somebody* has more than once told me that they do NOT APPROVE of me homeschooling my kids. She's said, "I'm a big believer in the school system."

You know I usually enjoy firing ripostes at Morons like this...

However this one is so bad she merits only avoidance.


Anonymous said...

Is she liberal? (Rhetorical question) ... From my experience, the belief that public school is infallible increases as a person's political viewpoint moves left. This relationship only breaks down when it is a liberal with millions in their bank account. Then, their kids go to a "progressive and tolerant" private school and the quality of public school is never mentioned. Do as I say, not as I do.

Anonymous said...

how do we measure efficacy of homeschool vs regular schooling ??

Its not like the last 50-100 years, the inventions were dumb or there were no major discoveries.

what are the metrics ? how do you compare ?

Or is homeschooling just one of the "tools" in schooling ? you know, like access to best labs or computer.

Will homeschooling effect be so radical/drastic, the child future outcome (career, or other metrics) - that we have to avoid regular schooling at all costs (lest we deprive of this radical/drastic benifits)

CaptiousNut said...


I don't think she votes for the more pronounced socialists.


You can't measure either one you can't compare them.

But subjectively you can argue which form cultivates more independence, a greater work ethic, more self-confidence, more math aptitude, better *socialization*, etc.

In the absence of a controlled population....I submit that there would have been MORE inventions and discoveries in the last 50-100 years.

I think kids can recover from *schooling*. But it takes a lot of effort, time, and probably initial luck. In short, school robs us of our potential, our humanity....just as it was designed to do.

Laura said...

Sharing another tale of a parent annoyed by the ridiculous demands children impose.

To help make ends meet I tried babysitting in my home, just adding one extra child to the warm enriching environment of our home. Instead it broke my heart. The first child I watched was 13 months old. Her upper crust mother refused to let the child's hands touch her, sure that she'd leave a stain on mommy's perfect hair, make up or suit. When she interviewed me the mother saw me talking to her child and my own one-year-old, and interrupted to ask me with an incredulous look on her face, "You talk to them?" Turns out she didn't speak to her child AT ALL because, as she put it, "It's not like she can talk." She heard my own child respond in one and two word phrases and asked what kind of program I used to make him talk. Her daughter was talking within a few weeks of staying with us.

Sadly, the mother withdrew her child and put her in a regular daycare program. She said I was spoiling her. The child had the gall to expect her mother to sit down to read picture books or carry her when she held her hands up. This woman was a top CEO of a company marketing products to kids....