Monday, October 24, 2011

Parental Discrimination

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You know, the parents are still to blame. They are the ones who raised this spoiled, Moronic monster in the first place! Forgive my skepticism but somehow I don't think a momentary lapse of pseudo-discipline is going to do anything here.

At my son's soccer game the other day, one 6 year old brat was handed a water bottle by his father/coach...

The kid, unsatisfied with the offering for some reason, indignantly smacked it out of his father's hand right in front of the entire team AND all the other parents.

Unmoved, the father picked up the bottle and held it out anew.

The twit smacked it to the ground again and then booted it out on to the field for good measure.

Incredibly, the father didn't say a word or react one bit.

Meanwhile I myself was about to reach out and belt this little jerk. I'm sure he too, soon, will have a cordless cell phone paid for by his parents among many other perks.

Tragically, where we live/have lived, in these wealthy towns you see this behavior all day long, everyday. It's bad enough that most of the stay-at-home moms don't value juvenile discipline, but many of the dads are pushovers too.

When I was younger, I used to try and avoid consorting with unjustified braggarts, hypersensitive folk, dullards, and losers. (A$$holes didn't really bother me.)

But these days I find myself most repelled by *bad parents*. I quite frankly don't want to be anywhere near them, their kids, and I most definitely don't want my kids socializing with their kids.

Quite often we will meet some locals; they will become enamored of my wife and I (no shock there!); they will make some social overture towards us; and I will tell Mrs. C-Nut, "There's no way in hell I'll be chinking glasses with them at some restaurant."

There are millions of people here in the New York Metro there's hardly a need to *settle* even the slightest in the socialization department.

The downside of course is....traffic!

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