Monday, October 03, 2011

Wealth Gap OR Reality Gap?

It was a conspiracy to get them arrested too. Seriously!

From Forbes:

Justin Brown, who was quick to point-out that Occupy Wall Street has no spokesman, described the standoff and mass arrests yesterday: "There was more or less an overt or calculated effort to block traffic as the group was entering the walkway over the Brooklyn Bridge. A legal volunteer with the National Lawyers Guide saw an undercover officer in that area leave a squad-car, join the protests, and go with the group over, probably in the process verbally encouraging protesters to enter the roadway. After a significant number had entered, [NYPD] blocked it from the back, blocked it from the front, then brought in the paddy-wagons and arrested, I think the number is over 700 so far.

When asked if he thought undercover NYPD were purposely infiltrating and agitating protesters, Brown answered emphatically, "No question, no question. I don’t know if they’re hunting for terrorists or encouraging any particularly violent behavior but I think, on a small scale, if you can encourage someone to go onto the streets where you’re not supposed to, then that gives you the opportunity to come in with the handcuffs."

As regular readers well know, I don't usually follow the din of contemporary news. In fact I barely skim these headlines even though these whack-jobs are camped out on the front door of my wife's office in Lower Manhattan.

I faintly heard that they were protesting *global warming*, *corporate greed*, and *inequality*. I also heard that it's a status quo protest FOR the re-election of the current President - which is not a little bit funny!

Well nominally at least they are mad at Wall Street. But of course their anger is non-sensical.

Wall Street is actually a creation of the socialists of yesteryear. Seriously.

If it weren't for the wholly un-Constitutional income tax in the first place (redistribution)....there wouldn't be the 401k exemption which all but forces average folk to blindly dump money into the stock market each month. It's precisely that *dumb money* that has turned Wall Street (i.e. the 'skim biz') into the frothy gold mine that it is.

With this government-mandated funnel....average people wouldn't be Moronically buying mutual funds, preyed upon by interested financial advisers, fretting over every tick in the indices and Wall Street would essentially be nothing more than an off-the-radar, private casino for rich people.

Believe me, I understand the anger. There's a whole lot of scheming and thievin' going on at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, AIG, and many other politically connected financial entities.

But it's friggin Obama who's forking over billions of taxpayer money to bailout large banks these past 3 years. He's the one monetizing/inflating the stock, bond, and commodity markets and in the process spectacularly enriching Wall Street.

And recall it was Obama who was elected by the wealthy and by Wall Street too!

Rightfully these trust funders should be BLAMING THEMSELVES (and their hippy ancestors).

On protesting *inequality*....I would like to highlight a slammin' quote from my boy Will Durant:

But I will not say that revolution is never justified. But we have learned, through the experience accumulated and transmitted by our undying hierarchy, that after every overturn there will soon again be masters and men, rich and relatively poor. We are born unequal, and every new invention, every added complexity of life or thought, increases the gap between the simple and the clever, the weak and the strong. Those hopeful revolutionists talked of liberty, and equality, and fraternity. But these idols never get along together. If you establish equality you let natural inequalities multiply into artificial inequalities; and to check these you have to restrain liberty; so your utopias of freedom sometimes become straitjackets of despotism, and in the turmoil fraternity becomes only a phrase.
I did let the *global warming* bit slide because it's been well covered in the past.

In summary, these LOSERS are against the people, policies, and institutions THEY have voted for; they are against Father Nature, human nature, economic laws...

I myself would not be surprised if tomorrow night they held a candlelight vigil protesting the ever-heartless and chauvinistic *force of gravity*!

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