Thursday, October 06, 2011

Boston Pols and Intelligentsia Still Screwing Minorities and Poor People

Say what?

Well it's most definitely not *bad* for WOMEN WHO SHOP FOR GROCERIES!

The scumbags (referenced in my title) are still at it. They have recently blocked a proposed new Walmart in Roxbury which is, for those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with this area, Boston's *hood*. (Years ago when cities were integrating Boston flushed the minorities out to suburban areas like Roxbury, Dorchester, and Brockton to keep this most PROGRESSIVE city lily white.)

And as for *hurting small businesses*....NOTHING on Earth is worse for small businesses than Big Government regulations: minimum wage law, ADA regulations, unemployment insurance, the Massachusetts healthcare mandate(!), the 15% tax on all hiring aka Social Security/Medicare, excess environmental regulations, Board of Health regulations or whoever it is that limits restaurants, food trucks, and other eateries, etc.

While this is an old story - these same old socialist Morons keeping their peeps's still worth an update here and there.

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