Saturday, December 31, 2011

YouTube - The Forgotten Giant

Today we were setting up a YouTube account for my 7.12 year old son...

As I was keying in the info my son inquired:

John - Hey Dad, what's 'other'?

Hah! I ignored him, twice, and haven't gotten around to answering it. Although *Michael Jackson* might do the trick.

YouTube is littered with cussing and girls in thongs....even on SpongeBob videos!

So generally I don't let the kids surf the website.

BUT there are still tons of terrific, age-appropriate content on YouTube.

I send my kids videos of (other) amazing kids all the time. Y'all should do this too!

Right now my daughter is watching a young lady singing beautifully.

And my son, now that he has an account, is already subscribed for awesome, FREE chess lessons.

Critics thought YouTube would die from copyright infringement lawsuits; they said that it was nothing more than *pirated content*; that no one would create quality video content for free; and that Google OVERPAID.

Of course they were, as critics so often are, dead-wrong.

Now that I have an internet-enabled color TV in the house I find myself more and more opting to watch YouTube clips late at night, in bed - be they chess tutorials or interviews with famous entrepreneurs and whatnot.

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