Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Another Out-Of-Nowhere Web Millionaire?

Apparently this chick young lady has made millions(???) from videoing herself putting on make-up!!!

You've got to be kidding me, right?

But heck....if that vapid Moron Oprah was watched and paid as much as she was....there just ain't no explaining Earthly economics.

Anyways, good for this girl. There's obviously value in what she does - *how to tart yourself up*, etc.


Anonymous said...

puzzling how people make millions.

interesting thing, earthlings dont make millions with hardwork (daily job, or lifelong career) or to that matter brilliance or super intelligent (inventor of some stupid toy or this girl's video in your post)

if we split down billionaire, mega-millionaire, millionaires...i think we see lot of millionaires (may be even some mega-millionaires) making money just out of freak or not-smart or intelligent (as accepted definition) activities.

even some billionaires (eg: facebook?) were made by drop-outs and hacks.

I think this trend (easy millions by hacks) is new, enabled by technology and more freedom to tweak/hack *anything* in genereal : fashion, infotainment, "art", education, tech/web 2.0 (twitter, groupon, living social etc).

the regular day job or lifelong career path is become more marginalized by the day - just go doing(or try) 100 ideas has better probability

CaptiousNut said...

I agree that it's probably more of a new phenomena enabled by technology. But thank God we live in this era and not say the feudal agricultural one...