Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LinkedIn - Another Psycho Social Network?

So I decided to monkey around with Linked-In...

I set up an account but really just entered my name and website...

And the next thing you know I'm getting flooded with invitations to connect from all sorts of random people - INCLUDING that @sshole former landlord of mine from up in Boston!

What the heck? I was pretty sure I checked off that I didn't want to invite my the contacts from my Gmail account.

But I think that somehow other people who've invited me in the past to *connect* can now see that I'm on Linked-In.  Weirdos from whom I bought things off Craigslist in Florida(!) apparently want to connect with me.  Why?

I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what exactly is going on - what level of basic privacy is possible on this social network and still haven't a clue. I went into Settings and reduced everything to what seems like the most private level but can't tell what happened, if anything.

It says on the site, right under the log-in, "We will not store your password or email anyone without your permission."

I call bull$hit on that.

My wife said she got a notice saying that I was now on Linked-In even though I didn't (intentionally) invite her. Email or not...this communication was not authorized by me.

I had problems of this nature with FaceBook too which I won't get into right here.

I submit that these so-called social networks are out-of-bounds with how hard they are to understand and with the licenses they take *on your behalf*.

I don't necessarily want to be using these sites....but it seems I have to or I'll be invisible on Google.

Hopefully by joining these two social networks this past year....I've KILLED THEM.


Anonymous said...

facebook screwed up on their privacy thing, first. But it is a planned screwup, did you watch social-network movie? That guy, the founder, said something like "people are idiots, i just open a website and every starts sharing their gazillion photos and what-not without thinking-twice"

more users = more money.

its just like wall.st, if you can screw somebody but it can be justified either legally or doesn't-l00k-like-murder (and its good business), you do it. screw morals.

linked-in, just following the competition. Else it gets killed.

google+ is supposedly little bit better.

There was exodus from facebook when google+ started, dont know if it still continuing.

Anonymous said...

he really said it in real-life.

I was just referring movie as i think it captures the feelings of the founders at that time.

monopoly is a bad thing, not just in wall.st.

I think in future we will see Google having that power even more, but they seem to be little bit sensitive/careful on the privacy thing. They wont automatically email all your friends for eg.