Friday, September 02, 2011

Food Stamp Nation - $221 A Month!

Do y'all know what EBT means?

It means that Kentucky FRIED Chicken accepts food stamps!

This, in my opinion, is outrageous. I've seen similar signs at Burger King and other junk food establishments.

I just saw a semi-crass video satire of EBT-nation - click here. (Warning - Adult Language)

Personally I didn't see the intended satire; it was more of a tragi-documentary.

Right now an astounding 46 million Americans, 15% of the country(!), are engorging themselves on food stamps.

The first thing I'd do if President dictator would be to immediately cut that number to 5% of the population. And I mean IMMEDIATELY.

Riots? Maybe not or so what? It's better to cut the cord on this unsustainable stupidity now rather than later.

The Republican party will NEVER take the firm stand on this issue - or a hundred others - that's demanded by logic and justice. Yet many fools go on voting for them - falling for the diversion that *we aren't as bad as THEM*.

I maintain that the only hope for this country is for the Republican party to disband, to be defunded by said fools, or vacated en masse.


David said...

All you got to do is "F". I noticed you were talking about squashing the Republican party in a different blog piece, saying they need to all go home. The reason some of these issues don't get addressed is because the Ebt party is hard to beat with the 45,000,000 ebt/lib voters.

CaptiousNut said...

But aren't the Republicans responsible for the number (45 million) getting that high in the first place? I mean show me when and where they vocally fought against the growth of food stamps over the past decades.

It's the same thing now with housing. Yeah they fought or acted like they fought the BS at Fannie Mae ($200 billion loss!). But really all they did was ask for *transparency* in a symbolic effort to distinguish themselves from the Democrats. It was a most meaningless gesture. And now FHA has taken over AND AMPLIFIED Fannie Mae's role and all you hear is SILENCE from the Republicans. In other words they should have been fighting for removing government completely from housing instead of the invertebrate hearings on transparency, etc.

They are doing the same thing now with the UN. Instead of asserting that America should pull out of the morally bankrupt and dangerous institution...they are proposing more *accountability* and other showy BS.

Good to hear from you Dave!