Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shorting Another Paid Newspaper Website

Seriously....would you pay $3.99 weekly(!) for access - *premium* access - to the Boston Globe online?

I mean how many times do these newspapers have to fail with pay-walls before they get a clue?

The reality is that readers hate to even *log-in* when registration on these sites is free. So hardly anyone is going to PAY, yet again.

It seems like, given the ocean of free content online, that the only web content people will actually pay for is practical advice/instruction and of course, p0rn.

Note - the foundering Globe is still owned by the *geniuses* at the New York Times.

See also - Let's Guess The Price.


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CaptiousNut said...

Guy spends $80+ a month on buying backlinks.

This is the type of manipulation that I'm losing out to and am too cheap to indulge in.

Why would I spend $1000 a year on a non-remunerative site?

I might do that for Cyber-Scholar.com but not for this site unless I figure out a way to recoup that investment. I'm actually thinking about doing Adsense for a couple months to see what it would amount to. I'm guessing not much though.

A buddy of mine spends $4,000 each month on SEO/backlinking...