Sunday, September 04, 2011

FREE Parental Education Conference

Check this out:

It's an educational conference coming in 2 weeks to Massachusetts. Guess what....IT'S FREE to attend.

In fact I know the gentleman - Dennis Pratt - fairly well who set it up from my time up in Boston. In fact I've lent him some of my education books so I may be partially respons-....nah.

The flyer is self-explanatory and a bit of an exhortation. Parents most certainly ought to be taking a much more active role in the education of their own children. God knows the government (and many private schools) have been failing miserably!

From the website:

On Saturday, September 17th, Parents Decide is hosting a first-of-its-kind conference to help Massachusetts parents discover which type of school might best match their unique child. Several Massachusetts education experts will overview all the schooling options available to Massachusetts parents.

A school is "good" only when it matches your child! Parents worry, is the problem with their child? With their parenting? With their teacher? With their school? The real problem may simply be a mismatch! Mismatching children causes problems -- today, and continuing throughout their future. You, the parent, are in the best position to match your unique child to your expanding schooling options.

Would your child thrive at a different type of school? Explore your options with education experts from charter, private, parochial, alternative, hybrid, and home schools, and maybe improve your child's future.

Dennis told me that the response and level of interest that this whimsical idea of his has generated has been INSANE. Last I heard he was expecting over 500 people already for this seat-of-the-pants inaugural event. The gig is up now; more and more people realize the *school* emperor is unclad and ugly!. It's just that most frustrated parents don't really know what corrective steps to take or even what their options are.

Saturday September 17th in Marlboro....mark your calendars.

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