Saturday, September 17, 2011

Privacy For The Paranoid....And Would-Be Stalkers

I can't recall if I highlighted this website before or not -

Go punch your name up and you might be, as I was, very surprised how *public* your info is.

What to do about this?

Well here's a blog post that tells you how to get your info pulled from some of at least the bigger data scrapers.


You write a blog post saying, "We're going into Manhattan today to see..." and you come home and find yourself robbed.

You become famous all of a sudden from winning the lottery and your family is kidnapped...

Or, you become infamous all of a sudden and your family is harassed. For example, Steve Bartman!

Personally I really don't like how easy it is to see *relatives* on these websites too. I mean, WTF? Many of my relatives are downright embarrassing...

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