Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picasa Photo Albums

Do any of y'all use Picasa - Google's photo and image management application?

I do try to concentrate as much as I can in my Google Account: email, YouTube, all my notes and half-written books are Google Docs, etc.

But a couple of years ago I downloaded Picasa (the desktop application) and it automatically went about synch-ing with the millions of photos I had on my hard drive. I couldn't control it at all and my computer was getting old so Picasa kept crashing during this synch process. Needless to say I never got started using it.

However I do have many of my photos uploaded to Picasa over the web. I think of it as a free online, in case of a flood or computer crash, storage. Of course I hit the memory limit long ago.

But yesterday I paid $5.00 - essentially nothing - to upgrade my online storage to 20 giga bytes per year. Right now I'm uploading 2011's photos to Picasa and I'm considering that since I have a new PC I may try out the desktop Picasa application again.

Do any of y'all use Picasa for managing and editing photos? I myself can't stand Shutterfly and the like. It seems to me to be so much more convenient to have my photos - along with everything else! - centralized in my Google account.


Beth said...

Yes, I've used it to edit photos. It is quite simple and user friendly. I don't have much opportunity to play with it, but when I need to retouch a photo, it does the job.

Anonymous said...

same here, i try to use all google(email, photos, videos, rss reader etc) for my web needs. Google usually enables "exporting" your data from any of their apps - so you can potentially backup(email, photos etc) anywhere you want. Other vendors (microsoft, apple, etc) dont care about these. This exporting/backup thing is going to be very useful in case world ends (internet or current down for couple days), OR the vendor locks you out for some weird reason. You will atleast have a backup.

I use picasa desktop app all the time. By default it will try to search for photos in standard folders ("My Documents" or "My Pictures").

Once you start picasa desktop app, in "Tools" menu select "Folder Manager..." . This will let you limit picasa to only the folders you want. It wont scan any other folders after that.

I also use picasa for editing, it has basic editing integrated, but i like their "edit in picnic" feature even more. Picnic is bought by google and its an advanced photo editor on cloud (web service)

CaptiousNut said...

Alright I just loaded Picasa 3.8 up...

Same thing happened. On the install you can't choose it to not sync with any drives. The options are binary, hard drive (with external?) or Desktop, Downloads, and MyPhotos.

I will try to go into Tools now and tame this beast. Piknic won't work yet either. I'll have to get the kinks out later. Thanks.